Hsst computer science syllabus

HSST Computer Science Syllabus, Job Profile, Qualification, Age Limit and more

To grab your career dream as an HSST Computer science. The exam notification will soon be released on Kerala PSC’s official website. The vacancies for this job are not yet revealed. The candidate appointed for this job will have 32300-68700/- rupees earnings.   

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Now, let’s look into the details of HSST Computer Science syllabus. As the time is near to apply for the examination, let’s look into the details of the post.

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HSST Computer Science Syllabus

During every PSC exam, a strict syllabus is followed. This HSST computer science syllabus consists of questions from various subjects, general knowledge, and current affairs questions. The written or online test is out of a hundred.

Module 1

Digital Systems, Microprocessors, and Computer Organization

  • Number Systems, codes, error detecting and correcting code-parity and hamming codes, Boolean algebra, and laws
  • Integer representation, half and complete address, sequential multiplier, booth algorithm- floating point representation
  • Basic operational concepts- functional units
  • Processor-8085-architecture-instruction set, fetch& execute, addressing mode- interrupts
  •  Features of Pentium processor
  • Control unit organisation, microinstruction 
  • Memory- Hierarchy, organisation of RAM & types of RAM
  • Secondary storage

Data Structures of Algorithms

  • Data structures, abstract data types, time and space complexity, recursive algorithms 
  • Arrays representation address calculation, sparse matrix representation 
  • Stock array & linked implementation, application evaluation and conversion of expressions
  • Queue- array and linked implementation
  • Non-linear data structures, tree- the basic definition 
  • Representation of graphs, basic concepts of NP complex and NP problem

Operating Systems

  • System software
  • OS as resource manager, the structure of OS shell, Kernell utilities, resource management routines
  • Concept of memory, address binding, logical address, physical address, and swapping.
  • I/O management, I/O hardware
  • File management concept, access methods, directory structure, and file sharing

Database Management Systems

  • Database concepts, relational database- relational algebra, relational calculus, integrity and security domain constraints, referential integrity 
  • File structures- indexing & hashing, query optimisation 
  • Parallel and distributed databases, objected- oriented and object-relational DBMS
  • Network fundamentals, wireless networks, multiplexing, transmission models
  • Physical layer- digital data transmission, parallel & serial transmission
  • Network layer- repeating bridges and routers gateways. Logical addressing internet protocols address mapping

Software Engineering 

  • Introduction to software engineering, software engineering paradigms, process models, characteristics of software, software development life cycles
  • Problem partitioning, abstraction, modularity, coupling, cohesion 
  • Object-oriented analysis and design, objects attributes and methods, encapsulation, and information hiding
  • Software configuration management, software quality assurance, and quality management

Programming Languages

  • C- Programming
  • Object-oriented programming, classes and objects, data abstraction, and polymorphism 
  • Access modifiers, static members, friend function constructors, & destructors
  • Java programming, brief history, java basics, java type
  • Recent Developments in Computer Science

Module 2

  • Research Methodology/ Teaching Aptitude 
  • Salient Features of the Indian Constitution
  • Social Welfare Legislations and Programs
  • Renaissance in Kerala

(Efforts to Reform the Society, Role of Press in Renaissance, Awakening through Literature, Women and Social Change, Leaders of Renaissance, Literary Figures)

  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs

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HSST Computer Science: Job profile

Kerala Public Service Commission appoints HSST computer science post. An examination is conducted for direct recruitment purpose. The salary for this post is 32300- 68700. The number of vacancies is anticipated. The last notification was released in 2017. The candidates can apply for this job through the official website of Kerala PSC after the release of the notification.


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Educational qualifications

  • M.Tech in Computer Science/ or Information Technology/ or Software Engineering 
  • The candidates who apply for this post should be graduated from a renowned university with a minimum of 50 per cent marks in Master in Computer Application (MCA) or Master in Computer Science or Information Technology. Also, in the absence of qualified master s or M Tech holders, graduates can apply for the exam.
  • BSc in Computer Science or Information Technology 
  • PG Diploma in Computer Application after completing  Btech or Bachelor of Engineering 
  • Mtech in Electronics and Telecommunications or Electronics from an accredited university 
  • BSc in Computer Science with a postgraduate diploma in Computer Application 
  • Master’s degree in Mathematics or Physics along with a postgraduate degree in Computer Application 
  • MSC Statics and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Application

The degree acquired must be from a recognised university, and your marks should not be less than 50 per cent.

Age Limit

The candidates should be born between 02-01-1977 and 01-01-1997(both dates included). The candidates should be aged between 20 and 40. Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe and other backward minorities are allowed for usual age relaxation. The candidates need to ensure that they are under the age limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are recorded classes available at Biglearning?

Yes, we provide live or recorded classes for our students. You can watch our demo classes before admission if you would like.

Can i get tentative HSST Computer science syllabus?

Yes, you can download it by filling the form, or just click this button.

When will be HSST Computer Science examination?

The board of Kerala PSC does not yet update the date of the final examination. Always check the official websites to see if there are any updates.

Where will HSST CS-based books be available?

At Biglearning, we provide specialised well-structured study materials. You can buy other books online or in bookstores.

What is the age limit for HSST Computer science?

The candidates should be aged between 20 and 40 as per the board, and there could be some standard relaxation for the candidates that belong to SC/ ST and OBC categories.

What is the salary of the HSST CS post?

The salary is said to be between Rs. 32300- 68700/- as seen on the official statement by the PSC.

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